Illusion Baits Jig in the color Hot Rod.

Illusion Baits Jig in the color Hot Rod.

I started out fishing tournaments in 1979 and wanted to make my own jigs. I just love those jig bites but could not find a wide gap jig style I liked. So, I started to play with some molds and modified them until I came up with a combination that really worked.

Next thing I know I am winning tournaments one after another on these jigs by swimmin’ them, pitchin’ them and flippin’! They just seemed to work anyway I used them. People started to ask what my partner and I were using and my partner stated KC’s jigs. Before we knew it we were selling them right and left.

Then I wanted a spinner bait that would hold up to some big fish and not be destroyed after you got bit. You know’ wires bending and so on. So I started to mold my own. I used heavier wire, premium blades, swivels and better hooks than the stuff you buy at regular tackle shops. Now I have a premium spinner bait that will last and catch more fish for the buck.

We now have our own shop and continue to cast and paint our premium spinner baits, buzz baits and jigs. We have also started to do custom painting on crank baits. We use the same air brush and epoxy process as we do on the rest of our baits. So you can rest assured that you will get a premium quality product.