We love to jig fish. Whether it be for flippin’, pitchin’, or swimming a jig we find the bullet head style of our jig will fit almost every situation you will come across. Just choose your color, size, and whether or not you want rattles.

Did we mention that we have modified our jigs? They come with premium Mustad wide gap hooks. Our ¼ oz. jig comes with a 3/O wide gap hook and our 3/8 oz. and ½ oz. jigs come with 4/O hooks.

What does all this mean to you and your jig fishing?

It translates to more hook ups which means more bass in the livewell!

Give our Illusion Baits Jig a try and we are sure you will be as excited about it as we are.

As with all of our baits if we don’t have a color you are looking for them drop us a line at info@illusionbaits.com and we will customize our bait to your needs.

$4.29 — $4.59