Sinko Stick Baits

Not your daddy's stick bait!

The Illusion Baits Sinko Stick Baits are unbelievable! Whether you T-Rig it, wacky rig, carolina rig or even dead stick it. Just toss it out and let it sink to the bottom. The subtle shimmy that the Sinko Stick Bait makes is intoxicating to any bass around. Whatever technique you use these things are deadly. Hold that rod tight because that bass might rip it out of your hands.

The primary features of the Illusion Baits Sinko Stick Bait are:

  • Premium plastic that doesn’t tear up after one fish
  • Subtle shimmy on the fall
  • Hook slot to keep bait weedless when Texas Rigged
  • Unique colors that not many bass has seen
  • 10 baits per pack