Our Pro Staff Team

Chuck Kinard
Chuck KinardPro Staff Director
Chuck Kinard has been the Illusion Baits Pro Staff Director since 2011. He lives in South Carolina. He is the founder and president of The Bass Federation of South Carolina.
Ronnie Hatem
Ronnie HatemPro Staff
I base my fishing operation out of Fayetteville, NC where I live with my wife Edith. We are the proud parents of 2 children and have 2 wonderful grand-children. I have been fishing for 40 years and have competed in tournaments for 30 years.
Rocco Marrari
Rocco MarrariPro Staff
I live along the Missisippi river where I fish tournaments from pool 5 all the way to pool 19 and at different lakes throughout the midwest. I enjoy spending time on the water trying to figure out the chess game of what the bass will be doing on tournament day and which baits wil get them to go for a ride in my livewell to weigh in. When I’m not fishing I enjoy spending time with my family and working out.
James 'Buster' Seabolt
James ‘Buster’ SeaboltPro Staff
I base my fishing operation out of Dunn, NC which includes my wife Aimee and my daughter Taylor. I conduct seminars or speak at many guest appearances throughout North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.
Randy Cnota
Randy CnotaField Staff
After serving in the United States Air Force for 24 years and fishing at the club level, I have two seasons professional competition FLW Everstart Series under my belt.
Mike Gebora
Mike GeboraField Staff
Brandon Blackmon
Brandon BlackmonPro Staff
Skeet Bennit
Skeet BennitPro Staff
Devin Anderson-Ruddon
Devin Anderson-RuddonField Staff
Anthony Horton
Anthony HortonPro Staff
The attention to detail is second to none as each bait is hand-made and painted and top of the line hooks swivels and blades are used. The golden shiner spinner bait is my go to bait when I need to put fish in the boat.
Rocco Marrarri
The thin cut to the skirt is perfect. It doesn’t flare to wildly on the fall, allowing you to get through the bush quickly Then the hop is where it comes alive with the multiple soft strands. Erratic and murderous with the tinsel strand.
Devin Anderson-Ruddon